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If you’ve been wondering what a Chausie is, you have come to the right place. This is the Chausie Breed Section website. We are a group of breeders, exhibitors and fanciers that belong to TICA (The International Cat Association) where the Chausie breed was born. We are the people who defined, nurtured, and supported the Chausie breed all the way to championship.

So, what is a Chausie?

The Chausie (pronounced chow-see), is a breed of domestic cat.

The Chausie breed is derived from domestic cats that were initially outcrossed to a nondomestic species called the Jungle Cat, Felis chaus. The idea was to keep the domestic temperament of the household cat, but superimpose on it the good looks of the Jungle Cat.

The traits that distinguish the Chausie from other breeds are:

Otter-like personality (fun-loving, water-loving, active and makes unusual sounds)

Tend to be built like basketball players - tall and strong, but not heavy.

People say it has a cougarish looking face

Sociable cat that thrives on human and feline company

Some Chausies have a unique pattern called grizzled tabby

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