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The Chausie Breed Section is comprised of breeders, exhibitors and fanciers that belong to TICA (The International Cat Association) and the Chausie Breed Section in TICA.

Our goals are to encourage a strong presence in all regions of TICA while mentoring new breeders, exhibitors and owners of the breed, provide education through seminars, and to breed to the standard while retaining unique characteristics of the breed's ancestor.

The Chausie is a highly active and athletic cat. Chausies are almost constantly in motion while interacting with their humans. Chausies are goot natured affectionate cats that love to plan and tend to develop a deep bond with their owners. This playful demeanor often lasts into adulthood making these cats intriguing companions. Sociable in nature, Chausies love to play fetch and will often walk on a leash. Due to their intelligence, Chausies are happiest with stimulation and interaction with their owners.

Chausies in the Show Ring; photos of Chausies being shown.














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